NEW LISTING!  ADAMS COUNTY IRRIGATED FARM!    This is a highly productive farm investment                                           opportunity in the Little Blue NRD. Tenants maintain Landlord provided pump, gear head & all piping.                                           Tenant owned Pivot!  153.46 +/- Assessed acres.

                                        Contact Lindsey Haden for more Information.  402-984-3725

                                        Price: $6,950/acre                                    


 469.5 Acres Pasture Ground      Greeley County, Nebraska

                                                                                  LOCATION:   6 miles North and 3 miles West of Greeley, NE on Belfast Road

                                                                                  FARM INFO:  Excellent quality grass pastureland with new or near new 4 strand Barb Wire cross fenced.

                                                                                                           469.5 Assessed Acres - New, permanent catch pens with holding pens, sorting alley, Load out

                                                                                                           chute with water hydrant. Half mile frontage on well maintained gravel road. 1.5 hp submersible

                                                                                                           well with 5 watering tanks.  2 new Hastings tanks and 3 tire tanks. Underground water lines plus

                                                                                                           windmill. Capacity rate is 85-90 pair on a rotation. Wing fences. Excellent hunting with deer, grouse,

                                                                                                            turkey, and prairie chickens. Nicest pastures around.

                                                                                  PRICE:         $868,575 ($1,850/acre)   Congrats to Buyers - Kent & Jane Beierman

                                                                                  LEGAL:           E1/2 - 4-19-11 & NW 1/4 3-9-11 Greeley County, NE     Sellers: Jeff & Shauna Christensen                        


Nebraska Farm & Investment Brokers

May 25, 2018                   

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151.7 Acres Irrigated cropland    Howard county, nebraska

                                                                                  LOCATION:   Half mile west and 1.5 miles south of St. Paul, Nebraska on east side of Jansen Road.

​                                                                                  FARM INFO:  100 acres of irrigated ground with an older pivot and diesel powered well motor.  Close to town.

                                                                                                          Subject to tenant rights for 2017 crop season.

                                                           PRICE:       $644,725.00  (151.7 x $4,250/acre) Congrats to Jeff & Shauna Christensen

                                                                                   LEGAL:          S ½ of NW ¼ & part of N ½ of SW ¼  &  part of SW ¼ of NE ¼ all in 16-14-10 in Howard County, NE                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Seller: Jeanne & Alice Stoltenberg              

320 Acres Irrigated cropland    gosper county, nebraska

                                                                                  LOCATION:   10 Miles South and 4 miles East of Elwood, Nebraska on west side Road 429 north of 731 Road

​                                                                                  FARM INFO:  Excellent 270 acres certified irrigated farm producing well over 220 bushel corn. All Electric half mile

                                                                                                          Reinke Pivot coupled with an electric 1,400 gpm well. This is one of the top farms in Gosper County.

                                                                                                          Virtually 100% tilled ground. Carryover water of roughly 9 inches. Yearly allotment is 9" and owner has

                                                                                                          never used all of the yearly allotment. This is a turn key farm with no work needed.  Beans were

                                                                                                          planted in 2016.  Auction on Feb 2, 2017 @ Elwood, NE Take a drive by.

                                                        PRICE:       $1,650,000  ($5,156.25/acre) Congrats to Bryan Nelson

                                                                                   LEGAL:          East 1/2 of 4-22-5 Gosper County, Nebraska                    Seller: Dennis D Pouk, Jr                  

Mike McCann - Broker Auctioneer Land Broker                                            Nebraska Property For Sale                                 Lindsey Haden - Selling Nebraska Farms and Homes


159.4 Acres irrigated cropland  Kearney County, Nebraska

                                                                                  LOCATION:   5 Miles South and 2 miles west of Minden, Nebraska on n/w side of intersection of E Road & 30 Road.

                                                                                  FARM INFO:  Pivot irrigated cropland with mostly Class I and II Soils. 154.08 acres certified irrigated in Tri-Basin

                                                                                                          District. Excellent farm ground with high yields. Located near KAAPA ethanol plant and other grain

                                                                                                          facilities with newer well, good soils, mostly Class 1 and 2 soils: Butler and Holdrege Silt Loams.

                                                                                                          Natural Gas 454 V-8  Chevy Irrigation motor with a T&L Pivot. All equipment stays and is locally

                                                                                                          serviced yearly.

                                                                                  PRICE:         $7,250/acre  = $1,155,650.00   Congrats to Brad & Deb Lundeen

                                                                                  LEGAL:           S/E 1/4  of 10-5-15 Kearney County, Nebraska         Sellers: Neal & Nanci Carlson