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There currently are no Farms up for Auction in central Nebraska


About Mike McCann-broker

I help people Buy and Sell Nebraska Farm Land, Water Rights, and I Manage Farm Land. Since first being licensed in 1992, I have tried to work hard for my clients while also being ethical, honest, and trustworthy. 

We pride ourselves on exceeding our Buyer's expectations in finding the best Farms and exceeding the Seller's expectations in getting their Farm sold for a fair price.

I worked for a Farmer while in high school in Howard County, NE. and I know that farming is hard work and that Farmers are some of the smartest people on the planet.

Although my home office address is all honesty... my main office is the front seat of my Suburban. I hope I can park it in your driveway soon!!  I am ready to help and I offer some of the fairest Professional service fees in the state. Let's talk.

                                                Give me a call, text, or e-mail.

Upcoming Auctions & Events

Auctioning Land:

I do Land Auctions. I am the Auctioneer who calls the auction. Although I prefer to do absolute auctions, I will do an auction with a reserve when needed. The goal is to always do our best for the client and to work within the clients requirements. I am convinced after decades of research that an Absolute Auction (sells no matter the bid) is the way to get the highest price but it also carries more risk. Some Brokers will only do an Absolute Auction which means they will absolutely get paid. I give the Seller the choice...after all, it is the Sellers they should make the decision. I believe most people agree with my  way of thinking.

We work with Investors of all sizes from large Real Estate Investment Trusts to small individual Investors. Call us if you are an Investor or need to find one for your farming operation. Farm Land is an excellent long term investment. Just ask anyone who owns a farm in Nebraska.

1031 Deferred Tax Exchange
I have done a large number of 1031's. Make sure your Broker knows what they are doing. An innocent...yet wrong move...can cost you tons of tax liabilities and money. Ask for my 1031 Information Packet.

Farm Land Lending

Looking to improve your cash flow or consolidate your debt?  My lender connections take the time to find the right loan solution for you.