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May 25, 2018   

Information Gathering Disclosure:

Mike McCann, and any  licensed agents, employees, or,, and any other Mike McCann owned websites do not collect any data nor retain any data from any visitors to our websites UNLESS that visitor fills out the information on the Contact Us Page.  That information is only used to make contact at the request of the individual who submitted it. Any information gathered on that page is not sold or shared out side of the company and is proprietary information of the company.  In short...if you are worried about your data... do not share it with us. If you are worried about the host site collecting data, set your computer parameters so that they cannot...or simply do not visit our sites. While we want to do business with those who want to do business with us...we do not have time for the drama associated with any European Union laws or any laws from anywhere else.

That is right...we do not collect any data.  We hope that you enjoy our site...that it helps you make an informed decision...and if you need a farm or commercial broker....that you contact us instead of the other guys and gals out there.

Heck...I am old enough to know the pre-computer days and I can still sell real estate that way if you so desire. To us...a cookie is an Oreo or maybe a thin mint or chocolate chip. A link is something in a chain and a chip is something you eat or gamble with...except lead based paint chips...don't eat those.  In fact, stay way from eating all paint chips...your tummy will thank you!  Have a great 2018!  Mike

Mike McCann - Broker - Auctioneer - Land & Commercial Broker 308.627.3700                                            402.984.3725  Lindsey Haden - Salesperson Land - Homes - Auctions                                                                                                                       

Lindsey Haden
Licensed Agent



Having grown up in rural Nebraska and establishing my family in this Great State, it was pivotal to me, when choosing a brokerage, to not simply buy in with the biggest and best-known company, but rather to align myself with someone who holds my same values; such as honesty, integrity, and the desire to help rural farmers and ranchers move and grow in the ways that fit THEIR lives, and not just cover a company’s bottom line.

Mike and I both know that family and hard work are what truly build this American Dream, and because of that, we commit ourselves to treating each client as though they were our own family with a legacy to protect.

My family has purchased farms and sold farms as well as sold homes and purchased homes and I know that it is not as easy as it seems. I have experienced both the highs and lows and one of my personal business goals is to help you reach for the highs and to help prevent the lows. I would love to help you buy or sell your next property and help you reach YOUR goals.

So whether you are looking to buy your first home or selling it, planning to sell or buy a farm or anywhere in between, please give me a call, text, or e-mail and let Mike and I sit down with you to discuss your options.    

Lindsey     402.984.3725

Mike McCann -Broker



I help people Buy and Sell Nebraska Farm Land, Commercial Property, Water Rights, and  Manage Farm Land as well as other types of property transactions. Since first being licensed in 1992, I have tried to work hard for my clients while also being ethical, honest, and trustworthy. I come to you!!

We pride ourselves on exceeding our Buyer's expectations in finding the best Farms or properties and exceeding the Seller's expectations in getting their Farm sold for a fair price.

I worked for a Farmer while in high school in Howard County, NE. and I know that farming is hard work and that Farmers are some of the smartest people on the planet.

Our goal is to always do what is best for our clients and customers and to always treat each transaction as if it were our own family buying or selling. I love helping people and companies reach their goals and I would like to extend an invitation to you to give us a look...perhaps sit down over a cup of coffee and listen to our vision.

I'll buy the coffee!! And the strategy session is always free to you!!

Although my home office address is all honesty... my main office is the front seat of my Suburban. I hope I can park it in your driveway soon!!  I am ready to help and I offer some of the fairest Professional Service Fees in the state. Let's talk! Give me a call, text, or e-mail.     Mike   308.627.3700

Licensed Agent Opportunities:

Mach1 Realty is expanding statewide in 2019.

We are looking for licensed agents, brokers, and teams who want to work independently in their neck of the woods  & who want to be fairly rewarded for their hard work.

If you, or someone you know, would like more information on Mach1 Realty and our expansion, please contact Mike or Lindsey at the numbers or e-mails listed on this website.  Newly licensed agents are welcome.

A desire to work in the ag real estate market, including land auctions and listings is crucial to success. If you only want to sell houses in the MLS...this company is not for you.

These are rural based positions and each location will NOT be part of, or members of, the local MLS or city realty boards.

Although each agent will be able to list or sell anywhere within the state, our goal is to have only minor overlap between agents home areas.

We will be adding agents and brokers in the following areas:

Area #           Primary Cities or Counties              Availability:

   1                  Kearney/Holdrege/Lexington                Filled

   2                  Grand Island/St Paul/Loup City             Filled

   3                  Hastings/Blue Hill/Red Cloud                 Filled

   4                  Franklin/Alma/Oxford/Beaver City     Available

   5                  McCook/Imperial/Benkelman             Available

   6                  North Platte/Hershey/Tryon               Fill in early 2019

   7                  Ogallala/Grant/Oshkosh                      Available

   8                  Sidney, Kimball/Scottsbluff                  Available

   9                  Alliance/Chadron/Crawford                 Available

  10                 Gordon/Hyannis/Valentine                  Available

  11                 Ainsworth/O'Neill/North                      Available

  12                 Broken Bow/Arnold/Taylor                  Available

  13                 Burwell/Ord/Bartlett/North Loup       Available

  14                 Norfolk/Bloomfield/Neligh                   Available

  15                 Columbus west/Albion/Fullerton        Available

  16                 Central City/Aurora/York west             Available

  17                 Schickley/Wilber/Fairbury                     Available

  18                 Seward/Crete/Friend/Lincoln west      Available

  19                 David City/Schuyler/Columbus east    Available

  20                 West Point/Decatur/Tekamah              Available

  21                 Fremont/Ashland Wahoo/Valley           Available

  22                 Rural Lincoln/NE City/Louisville            Available

  23                Beatrice east/Tecumseh/Falls City        Available

See the map below in left hand column for areas listed above.

The areas listed are approximate and most likely will be changed to fit agents better. There are no fully protected territories in the company. In the event that we receive a qualified lead, the agent for that territory will receive that lead.

We are looking for agents who want to work commission...who can generate their own leads...who believe in the same ethics and morals that we do. Honesty and ethics are more important to us than past real estate experience. Newly licensed agents are welcome...   and so are the old/experienced/grouchy/ successful agents and brokers...but you old guys and gals must bring business and a smile with you!! 

The principles that are binding to our company are a desire to help others buy and sell real estate, to be willing to work at a higher moral and ethical level than is required by state law, to be willing to work hard and be rewarded for your success, and to do everything within your power to live a happy and productive life, including smiling on a regular basis.

If you would like to earn the vast majority of the gross commission you generate, call us. If you only want someone else.

Disclaimer/Requirements/Must Haves/Blunt Truths

          Real Estate is not for everyone. Ag real estate is unique and you can make a very comfortable living if you work at it. If you sit at home...or do not get out of the front seat of your vehicle... and do not go after the is like winking in the know you can do it...but nobody can see you do it... so they do not know you can do it.

           If you want to belong to the MLS and sell houses in a large city or town...the answer is go somewhere else. Feel free to ask me why I feel this way.

          If you cannot...or will to strangers, knock on farm doors, attend trade shows and talk with people, and spend some money on will not succeed unless you have a family member or friend who is going to use you to sell their farm. 

           Must haves: A reliable, clean, well maintained vehicle suited for the rural terrain; computer and updated cell phone and the ability to use them effectively; a printer and scanner hooked to your computer...not a fax...a scanner; the ability to knock on doors or call someone you do not know.

        Yes...I know I said that same thing earlier above...but it is critical that you can do those things. You also will need the time to accomplish the work. You can be successful while holding another job but you cannot be successful if you never devote any time to the business.

            You must have residual or other income from a job or  spouse or other means to support yourself in the early months/years until you have closings that have payable commissions.  Please have a plan in place on this...I do not want anyone to fail and this is the number one reason.

             I am more than willing to train you and to help you get started.  However, I do not have leads for you at this time. They will come...but they are not here yet.

             What is the catch you might ask.  Believe it or not...there is not one. Ask Lindsey and she can tell you what she thinks. We hope to hear from you in the near future. In case you are wondering how old this info is...I loaded this on to this website on 2-1-18 at 5:05 pm.   Thank you for reading, Mike

Perception is Reality!   

We are not the top dog in our industry.

           Nor do we need to be... 

                    But we are experienced…

With over 2 million people living in our company’s trade area, over 1,999,900 people don’t care how big we are...but rather how good we are! If you are one of these folks...let's talk!

Mach1 Realty is a new company formed in 2017 with over 26 years of licensed ag, commercial, and residential real estate transactions among it's members.

We can do the job for you...big or small.

Land Auctions...Private Treaty Listings...Farm Management...Water Rights...Tenant Rights...Buyer Representation...Broker Price Opinions...and much more.

We would like you to be our next client!

WHat We do

Auctioning Land:

We do Land Auctions. Mike is the Auctioneer who calls the auction. Although we prefer to do absolute auctions, we will do an auction with a reserve when needed. The goal is to always do our best for the client and to work within the clients requirements. We are convinced after decades of research that an Absolute Auction (sells no matter the bid) is the way to get the highest price but it also carries more risk. Some Brokers will only do an Absolute Auction which means they will absolutely get paid. We give the Seller the choice...after all, it is the Sellers farm. or they should make the decision. We believe most people agree with our  way of thinking.

Private Treaty Listings:

We list your property For Sale in a traditional method and market to the correct demographics and Buyers that will be interested in your property. Every listing is unique with individual requirements and needs that we discuss and share with you throughout the Listing and Selling process. We prefer to sell property versus just market it.

BPO - Brokers Price Opinion:

Every seller should begin the process of selling by understanding the true value of their property by having either a BPO done on their property by a licensed real estate company or paying to have an appraisal conducted by a licensed appraiser.

A BPO is a market value analysis of the current value of the property based off of current market conditions and recent sales of like kind property. We conduct the BPO free of charge to our clients, customers, and potential clients. We are  not appraisers and thus our fiduciary duty is only to our clients.


We work with Buyers as well.  If you are looking to buy a farm, home, rental, water rights, or anything else real estate related, talk with us. Many of the best properties never make it to the open market and are sold behind closed doors without most Buyers even knowing about it. Let us help you find those closed door deals.

We work with Investors of all sizes from large Real Estate Investment Trusts to small individual Investors. Call us if you are an Investor or need to find one for your farming operation. Farm Land and rental properties are an excellent long term investment. Just ask anyone who owns a farm  or rentals in Nebraska.

1031 Deferred Tax Exchange:
Mike has done a large number of 1031's. Make sure your Broker knows what they are doing. An innocent...yet wrong move...can cost you tons of tax liabilities and money. Ask for our 1031 Information Packet.

Farm Land Lending:

Looking to improve your cash flow or consolidate your debt?  Our lender connections take the time to find the right loan solution for you.

Call, text, or e-mail Mike or Lindsey today for more information!